Getting Started

Release notes

Release history The latest version was released 1 week 2 days ago.
This is release number v1.6.7 since March 2, 2020.

Version v1.6.1 October 12, 2019


Real EC Closing Events

  • Confirm Schedule (301)
  • Schedule update information (303)
  • Reschedule (310)
  • Document received (761)
  • Document executed (765)
  • Document not executed (766)


Loans PQ Integrations

  •  Order Receive from LoansPQ (Order Request)
  •  D2T shares URL to access the Order from their site.
  •  Notes can be share through API from D2T and vice versa (Internal
  •  Exception can be raised by the Meridian Link through the URL which are
  •  Product Delivery:
     Order Information (mortgage_info)
     Final Report Delivery (loanspq_pdf_reply)
  •  Order Cancellation can be done through the URL (LoansPQ to D2T)


Default Priority for Orders through API

  • Ability to setup default priority (RUSH, NORMAL, ASAP) on customer
  • When the orders placing through API, default priority could get apply for
    an order


Bulk Order Complete

  • New column “To be Complete” added in Bulk Fee Upload Sheet
  • The orders which marked as YES could get complete with all workflows